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"The team at impulseGUIDE does an incredible job making sure that we are always up and running. Since partnering with impulseGUIDE, we have continued to grow our business both within our current locations in addition to acquiring new business as a result of how we present our brand to our customer."
- John Suckow, Corporate Operations Director

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Now located downtown in the 500 Seneca Building

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    Our Humble Beginnings

    iG was started soley as a content development company, and sought out a digital signage software that would work for us. After much searching for the perfect fit, we decided our best option was to build our own software and hardware that could handle our rapidly growing ideas and high powered content.

  • impulseGUIDE Desk

    September 2012

    An Idea is Born

    After a couple setbacks, iG partnered with a wonderful company to create our own software which was configured to our powerful hardware. We worked hard to create something that anyone can use. We also expanded and moved to a new, larger location.

  • impulseGUIDE at ISA

    April 2014

    Our Unveiling

    Perfecting software takes time - but our time finally came when we unveiled our iG Digital Signage Software at ISA, in Florida in April 2014.

  • impulseGUIDE Partners

    January 2015

    A New Year

    Our 2015 started with a bang! Between current clients expanding our services to more locations and our new clients starting new endeavors we have been keeping busy. We can't wait to see what else this amazing year holds in store for us!

  • impulseGUIDE New Studio

    October 2015

    A Bright Future!

    iG is excited to announce that we are now settled into our new space at 500 Seneca Street in the up-and-coming Hydraulic District of Buffalo. The future is bright!

  • impulseGUIDE Partners

    December 2016

    A Partnership

    We partnered with Alertus, an emergency alert system, & combined it with our exisitng digital signage at Daemen College. Learn more about Alertus Here!

  • impulseGUIDE New Studio

    April 2018

    A New Addition

    Odin joined the team! He works in the studio with us making everyone in the building smile & greets our clients with a lot of kisses! He was hired by our Creative Director as a design assistant but has really taken on the role of Director of First Impressions. Come in & meet him when you get a chance!

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Our Story

What is all about...

impulseGUIDE (iG) is a high quality Content Development Company who has developed its own Digital Signage Hardware and Software solution. iG originally started solely as a content development company in 2009, using other companies Digital Signage software and hardware. However, we found the softwares out there were difficult to manage and hardware that couldn't support the quality or quantity of content that we wanted to offer to our customers. So we decided to design and develop our own software and hardware solution. iG developed software that is simple enough for the average store owner, manager, or employee to use with the ability to grant different levels of administrative access levels. Our Patent Pending software has features that enhance the ease for the user to manage content, while keeping content fresh, engaging, and entertaining for their viewers. Our scheduling tool makes it easy to schedule content to view hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly. iG's hardware is specifically configured with the software to handle high quality, high definition content. Our hardware is backed with a 3 year warranty, while our software is backed with 24/7 IT support. We offer full content development to our Digital Signage customers. We will photograph, video, animate, edit, design, and store all content. The software was built with our customers in mind, as well as how involved our customers want to be with their systems. We can build and manage the system for them, or they can do it themselves, or we can help whenever necessary. It can be a very flexible relationship based on the needs and talents of our customers. The iG system can be used in any environment: menu boards, lobby boards, medical waiting areas, retail stores, educational facilities, employee work rooms, and much more.